Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a PR list? If so, how do I get on it? 
As of now we do not have a PR list. However, we are taking inquiries via email.
Are all your products vegan and cruelty free? 
Absolutely. We do not have any animal derived products on our site.
Do you have a makeup pro or military discount? 
Unfortunately, not at this time. 
When will ____ be back in stock?
We restock products daily. However, under each sold out product you get an option to sign up for our "Back in stock" notifications to instantly be notified via email when a product is back in stock. 
Do you ship worldwide? 
Yes. We ship everywhere. If you are having trouble checking out please email us at
Do you work or collaborate with bloggers, YouTubers, and or Influencers? 
Yes, we are open to work with anyone that we feel would work best with our brand. 
Do you offer samples? 
Not at the moment. 
Why is there a 2 max per item? 
We are a small business therefore we do not have the capability to widely mass produce our products. We must have inventory control to ensure that we have enough for current and new customers that visit our site. 
Why isn't my coupon code not working? 
Since switching sites, we only now have one working code. That code is only provided to you when you get an order in the mail from us. That code is reusable for all GMG items excluding "Pressed Pigment Palettes"
What are your ingredients? 
All ingredients can be found under each listing. 
Why don't you ship to Puerto Rico? 
For some reason the label will not print and has been giving us errors sine 2015. We have called everyone we can call but, the app doesn't recognize the address as a USA address. 
Processing, Shipping, and Polices FAQ
How long is your processing times.
1 to 3 business days normally. 5-7 business days during holidays and new releases.
Why didn't I get an confirmation email? 
Our website automatically sends an confirmation email to the email address you provided during checkout. If you did not receive an email you most likely didn't enter the address correctly. We can resend it with no problem. Just email us at
My order was marked as delivered and I didn't get it. 
We understand these things happen. Its best to ask neighbors, look around outside, talk to front desk, or call your local post office to see if the package was faulty scanned or holding at post office. Were here to help and you can email us at
My order was damaged what do I do?
Email us at with your order number and pictures (no videos) and we can help you. 
Why can't I cancel my order, replace items, or change address? Once you place an order the packing slip is printed out and our night shift gets the order ready and filled. Once the morning crew comes in, they bag the orders and take it to the post office. You will receive the shipping confirmation a few hours later once the morning shipping crew comes back with drop off receipts. There is a 99% chance your order is gone before we get a chance to check emails in the morning at 9am CST. If you get the order and still want to cancel it. You must return the item back (or refuse the package) unopened to get a full refund. 
Im an international customer and I was charged duties, taxes, and import fees. How do I get reimbursed? 
Unfortunately, Give Me Glow is not responsible for such fees.
Can you adjust the value on the label so we wont get charged import fees? Unfortunately, falsely altering a government document is highly illegal and we will not take part.  
 Wholesale FAQ Information 
What is the MOQ (minimum of quantity) for your matte lipsticks? 
50x per shade. We make all wholesale orders made to order and each batch makes 50 plus tubes. You are more than welcome to order as many as you want from our site but the 30% wholesale discount code does not apply if you choose to order directly from our site. 
Why can't I order more than two eye shadow palettes at a time? 
We are a small business therefore we do not have the capability to widely mass produce our eye shadow palettes. We must have inventory control to ensure that we have enough for current and new customers that visit our site. However, we can wholesale them with an MOQ of 25x each palette for a 20% discount. (this applies to USA only customers only) 
How can I wholesale your single shadows? 
Each shade must be ordered in packs of 27 in order to get the 25% discount. Please email us with shade names. Order example:
27x - Skinny Dip
54x - Halo 
27x - No Filter 
How can I wholesale your pressed highlighters?
The MOQ for our pressed highlighters is 20 per shade to qualify for the 30% discount code. 
How can I wholesale your loose highlighters? 
The MOQ for our loose highlighters is 20 per shade to qualify for the 20% discount code.